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At Reagentmasters.com, we specialize in the supply of a wide range of molecular and biological reagents such as, cell culture reagents and media including QBSF-60, QBSF-58, QBSF-56, and other biological serum free media, cell culture buffers, solutions and balanced salt solutions, molecular biology graded water for experiments and research in bioscience, as well as custom media formulation for bioservices. To see a comprehensive list, visit our website at www.reagentmasters.com

Browse through our product categories and find what we have in stock. We assure you excellent product(s) and service or your payment will be refunded if you are not satisfied. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover).  Also our friendly to use site allows you to place your order via Paypal. It is fast, reliable and secure. You can also place your order via Google checkout. You can check out securely as a guest but it is advisable to register with us to take advantage of all discounts and redeemable points that can be used towards your purchases. Join our scientific community to receive our promotional benefits and newsletters. 


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